Moments of Kairos

The word ‘Kairos’ is an ancient Greek word which in basic term means “The Right, Opportune or Appointed Time”.

In the dimension of the divine, Kairos speaks of God’s Appointed Time. One not marked by or restricted to regular time – past, present or future.

Hebrews 13:8 describes Jesus Christ as the same yesterday, and today and for ever, implying emphatically and without ambiguity that Jesus Christ operates in Kairos, and the ONLY MEANS by which divinity intervenes in the past, present and future affairs of humanity.

This present world is saturated with persons who have been and are being used, abused, misused, misled, molested, violated, victimized, hypnotized, and affected by several kinds of religious and non-religious vices. To compound the already deplorable state of things, numerous ungodly and unscriptural counsels abound in unimaginable proportions.

The Bible – God’s prescribed manuscript for mankind, in Matthew 15 vs. 11 states that it is not that which goes into a man’s mouth that defiles him, but that which comes out of his mouth. However, the mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart – Matthew 12 vs. 34. Therefore, to ensure that issues of life flows out of the heart, keeping us pure, we must guard it diligently by administering the Word of God to it – Proverbs 4 vs.23 and Psalms 119 vs. 9 & 11

Moment of Kairos, a Christian program, therefore is an appointed moment with God, geared towards administering divine principles in addressing issues confronting humanity, with specific focus on “ISSUES OF THE HEARTS”.

‘Moment of Kairos’, submits as vessel of honour in God’s hands, as He seeks to cleanse, heal and revive polluted, sick and dying hearts.

Pastor Dave – P.D with other young, hungry and thirsty God-seeking-hearts are your host.