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Its a wrap…

Thank you for being a part of this (sex and sexuality) series. Watch out for the announcement on Wednesday for the new series that will be starting next week Monday. So… Harvests of Ungodly Sexuality Gen.8:22—Whatever one sows, he’ll reap in multiple streams. Therefore, sowing into sex outside marriage attracts harvest of inestimable consequences. Hosea… Continue reading Its a wrap…

Notes · PD Speaks

Sexualization of Females on Social Media

The American Psychological Association (APA) Task Force on the   Sexualization   of Girls found that the proliferation of sexualized   images of girls and young   women in advertising, merchandising and   media is harmful to girls’ self-  image and healthy development.   They are working to understand sex   offenders and reduce the… Continue reading Sexualization of Females on Social Media


Still on the Matter – Sexuality!!!

As a noun word: 1.  capacity for sexual feelings. –  a person’s sexual orientation: preference, persuasion or leaning). –  sexual activities: reproductive activity, procreation, sexual intercourse,   sex, intercourse, sexual relations 2.  the sexual habits and desires of a person 3.  the quality or state of being sexual: –  the condition of having sex – … Continue reading Still on the Matter – Sexuality!!!