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He is My Brother (2)

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…but he appeared slightly sleepy.

A well-padded rug attacked the pains on my soles and overcame it as soon as I stepped in. He went ahead quizzing me on the reason I had not been able to secure an admission into the University. I explained that Post-UTME had posed quite a challenge over the years. He listened keenly. Although it is generally believed that women talk too much and men seldom listen, not this brother. He paid rapt attention to my relevant and irrelevant explanations while I went on babbling like a tap without it spigot. He had this tenderness in his eyes and softness in his replies.  There and then I concluded that he would make a good husband to whoever he settles down with. At that point, even I, didn’t mind being the lucky lady.

As soon as I ended my explanation, he held my hands “Sister Esther, it is well, you will make it, you have so much potentials in you. We will pull through this in Jesus name” I quietly nodded in the affirmative.


“Let’s pray” Brother Charles knelt down by my side placing his right hand on my head and his left hand on my shoulder.

With Brother Charles’ right hand on my head and his left hand on my shoulder, I felt safe. “amen…amen…amen” punctuating his prayers at intervals.

Gradually, his left hand left my shoulder for my waist. He tilted me backwards as though he expected me to be slain from the anointing to his bed, just like Pastor Eze, the deliverance minister in our church always pushes us to fall under the anointing.

As I tried to stay in the spirit, caution was asking me to stay in the flesh. I reasoned against caution, while I was dithering over the decision to stay or not to stay, it then occurred to me that Brother Charles was stretching himself on me with his lips searching for mine.

My emotion was let loose like a volcano, but my resolve rang wildly “no sex until marriage” I quickly shoved him off and looked at him sternly. He jumped to his feet “Amaka, sorry, Sister Esther…. Sorry, so sorry.”

“I have to go now”, I said, feeling confused and bewildered. He headed for the door, pulled out my sandal and dropped them by my feet without looking at my face. “Bye sister” I summoned the courage and replied “ok, Brother’.

“The Lord be with you” he called out after me as I left his door. With pain stricken heart I wandered away.

I am worried. “Are we truly siblings in Christ?” When you call me sister and I call you brother, what do we mean?

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One thought on “He is My Brother (2)

  1. But Sis. Esther, are you not an accomplice in this? Is it not that you got what you wanted? Why ask if he is your brother indeed, when your body language suggests you are craving for him? Thank God for timely intervention and ressistance from both parties, but don’t they both have a fair share of the blame?


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