Monday Series

He is my Brother (1)

my brother

We all chorused “The Grace” obediently, after which Bishop Okomadu Frederick recited his lines “May the Lord be with you, may the Lord cause his face to shine upon you…” while I listened, my heart wandered off to be with my friends, the ones I needed to see at the close of service.
Rachael had promised to lend me her copy of Francine River’s classic “Redeeming Love”. Tales told by friends about the book have left me really hungry for a read. Tayo and I are members of drama unit and he is meant to bring me a script.
With these thoughts ravaging my mind, Brother Charles approached me “Sister Esther, how are you?” Yanked from my thoughts, I came to the present. My eyes fell on his spectacles which sat comfortably on his well pointed nose. He really had this scholarly look. Brother Charles is the youngest on our Youth Executive Team. As the prayer leader, he was a fervent brother. A First Class Graduate of Accounting, he was what every sister described as “Handsome, Hardworking and Holy” the three ‘Hs’ of an ideal brother.
It wasn’t surprising that most sisters stylishly sample themselves around him with hopes of being picked. “I’m fine Brother Charles, how are you Sir?” I replied. He smiled as though he had something more to say, so I stood by staring.
‘Hmmn, I have been quite disturbed about your delay in getting admission into the University”.
“Really?” I answered while a slight feeling of shyness and uneasiness flushed through my spine. After what seemed like an hour, but was actually a short silence, he continued; “I wish we could have a short discussion. Can you come by my house tomorrow, I mean after youth meeting, I should be home by then”. I agreed immediately. Brother Charles’ apartment is just a stone throw from church; moreover, youth meeting ends at 5pm. Early and within safety limits, my discretion was enough


Monday rolled in, the meeting was coordinated by Sister Bimbo, the Assistant Youth President who announced that the Youth President had called in earlier to inform her of his absence, delegating her to deputize on his behalf.
At the close of the meeting, I took a stroll to Brother Charles’ residence. Upon my arrival, I placed a knock carefully on his door. There was no response. I knocked harder and accompanied my knock with my voice “Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!” yet, there was no response. Just as I gave up and turned to leave, I heard the latch-key creak. Then I knew he was in. “Sister Esther, please come in” I felt welcomed but…..



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