Celebrating Godly Influencers

Celebrating Golden Jubilee with Papa D!

What makes this day so special?? Can it be the rains? or the aftermath of a heavy rain? or the slow pace of Lagosians or the daily evening traffic nightmare?? None at all.


Yesterday, one of the Pastors, God’s own son, Pastor Dele Oyeleru turned 50!!! I don’t believe it!! he doesn’t even look it. What is his secret?? of course, it’s God. He is popularly referred to @tcbclagos  as  Papa D.

Aside of his role as a Pastor, He is also the Pastor-In- Charge of the Marriage Committee, Singles & Youths and other related affairs of The Christian Brethren Church, Lagos. He also features in the Restoration Hour – a The Christian Brethren Church T.V program which is aired on different stations all over Nigeria

That’s not all! He combines this great responsibility with his personal Ministry – Builders With God Ministry.

BWGM is mainly a Prophetic Teaching Ministry with various outreach modes. It organizes and engages in Youth Forums, Road Shows, Ministers’ Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposia, Church and School Ministrations, Rural Evangelism with emphasis on the Fulani tribe in Northern Nigeria and authored a book on marriage titled “The Marriage Altar”.

One of the major arms of the Builders With God Ministry, Youth Forum is directed at equipping the youths of the nations for the challenges of life. His vision is to expose and introduce sinners to the saving power in Christ Jesus and the saints to the complete will of God, with the vision of fulfilling Eph. 4:7-18 (especially vs 13) “till we all come in the unity of faith and unto the knowledge of son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”

Pastor Dele Oyeleru has been in the ministry for about two and a half decades, during which the Lord has enabled him to preach the good tidings, sound doctrine and the inevitable imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ in several African countries, especially East and Central Africa where he has ministered under numerous platforms.

A gifted, prophetic teacher with devoted passion for discipline and excellence which his life exemplifies.

Married to his heartthrob – Lola Dele-Oyeleru, they are blessed with a son.

He is a spiritual father to several pillars in God’s household, in various local and international assemblies, among which is the point man of ‘Moment of Kairos’, David Nkenchor – P.D and other team members.

Pastor Dele turned 50, very recently and we all at Moment of Kairos are using this occasion to celebrate God’s humble servant. Happy Golden Jubilee Papa D.







4 thoughts on “Celebrating Golden Jubilee with Papa D!

  1. Among many other things you have been a pillar of strength and stability to me. I remember the days when I was a young Christian, you answered all my numerous questions arising from things I didn’t understand. Your great knowledge of the scriptures and versatility made you the picture I wanted to become like. I remember the days of our Monday meetings at the airforce base, Ikeja, I remember that though I lived in Ejigbo, but I belonged to Oshodi house fellowship because of you. When I became choir master you often prayed with, admonished, constructively criticized and believed in me. You have given me many books to help my Christian journey and experience, you have never forgotten to call me and pray for me on my birthdays, in fact, one of the years it was even your call from outside the country that reminded me it was my birthday. When Elochukwu was born you were the first person outside my famy that called me. You were also the first person that gave me money which I so badly needed too. Your life has impacted me positively in so so many ways than I can put to paper. You have never stopped encouraging me to move forward.
    I celebrate you sir. May heaven reward you appropriately for your works and labour of love.


  2. No words to express how I feel towards your golden jubilee. Am grateful that I met you and the little time you spend with me has remain with me over the years. I pray God will Give you the grace to empty yourself into our generation for generational impact. God bless your lovely wife and son. Who has been ever supporting. I can forget you and your family and the impact you made in my life. I am grateful pastor Dele Oyeleru. I pray God open more doors for you to expand the word of God to our generation all over the nations in Jesus name Amen. God bless you sir.
    Bitrus Jonathan.


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