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Sexualization of Females on Social Media

The American Psychological Association (APA) Task Force on the   Sexualization   of Girls found that the proliferation of sexualized   images of girls and young   women in advertising, merchandising and   media is harmful to girls’ self-  image and healthy development.   They are working to understand sex   offenders and reduce the   trend – (Source:


women are more than bodies
image culled from The Odyssey Online

The Consequences:

Companies today spend billions of dollars (naira not an exempt) every year on advertisements with “sexualised” people because they know sex sells. Sex (uality) is now referred to as “SELLING POINT”

1. Females Become Sexually Submissive, Permissive And Dress Provocatively;  While Men Becomes Domineering. Forceful And Triggering.

2.  It can create anxiety by actively portraying how males and females should look (hyper-masculine and ultra-thin)

3. It can lead to individuals engaging in anorexia (deficit eating), bulimia (excessive eating) and over-exertion at the gym: in order to attain the “perfectly-sculpted body”

4. Females are often portrayed as passive, placing them in roles subservient to the sexually “wild / forceful” males.

5. It suggests that men shouldn’t have to ask to engage in sexual activity, while ladies should not resist any of their demands.

6. It negatively portrays feminism that they need to appear (dress, make-up, walk, talk, look, eat, dance, sit, stand, e.t.c.) sexy in order get social recognition; while men must proof themselves to be men.

7. Tends to restrain both sexes to host and parasite role.



One thought on “Sexualization of Females on Social Media

  1. Dear readers, we appreciate your time and commitment to this cause.
    Please, feel free to revert in inquiries, comments, opinions, et.c. This platform is intended to beam the knowledge of light on our human perception & relationship and equip us aright, and we can only achieve this if you let us into your sphere.
    Peace to you.


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