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Sex and Sexuality(6)

This is a continuation of the Did You Know series

Sex not only binds, but it can also divide the Home

Sexual affairs destroy marriages in a way that no other marital transgressions does. Those issues that provoke the most fire in marriages are those pertaining to sexuality.  Examples include: sex-starvation, excessive sexual appetite, predictable sex, poor sexual creativity, infidelity, abortion or same-sex marriage, weird / unwholesome sexual preferences, e.t.c.

The nature of sex is so all encompassing that repeated and sustained dissatisfaction can severe a holy matrimony.

See below an in-exhaustive list of sexual perversion (Fornication/Pornea) :-

– Adultery  – Pre and Extra-Marital Sex  – Pornography – Masturbation  – Sexting

– Thinking-Off   – Spirit incubus (Sex by demons / Nephilims) Gen. 6:4  – Incest     -Masochism  – Gay (Homosexuality / Lesbianism)  – Bestiality  – “Closed” Uncleanliness -*Oral/Anal sex?   – Sex Toying etc.


In light of the above, I ask this question – How do you view sex??




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