PD Speaks

Did You Know (5)

Sex Is Profoundly Deep And Intricately Part Of Our Person-hood


  • Consider, how the love of married couple of opposite sex, consummated in sex, is a kind of divinely-justified need: I need it to enjoy the fruit of my completeness and unbroken physical complementary. Or consider the phenomenon of rape: Why is it that rape so profoundly affects a person? Suppose a stranger accosts me on the street and violently shakes my hand or even shoves his finger in my mouth. It would be troubling and annoying, but it probably wouldn’t provoke a profound sense of violation, shame, and rage unlike rape.


  • Rape / Sexual violation cuts so deeply inside because sex involves the spirit, soul, and body being (i.e. our entire person-hood) It is also profoundly deep and all-encompassing.



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