PD Speaks

Did You Know (3)

3. Sex Shadows Something Greater

Jesus in Matt. 22:30 (KJV) explains that “in the resurrection, they neither marry nor are given in marriage.” It implies NO SEX in heaven.




Christ’s love for the church is the ultimate reality, which husbands are to imitate in their love for their wives. In other words, marriage and sex are not the ultimate reality to which Christ’s love for the church points. It’s the other way around: marriage and sex are just the symbol, the shadow, the foretaste intended to stimulate our allegiance to attaining unto heaven.

This does not diminish marriage or sex. It only buttresses that Christ’s love for his church is much sweeter and eternally satisfying.


Jesus and Paul were single. Sex does not complete person, it only complements a complete person. Powerful and deep as sex goes, it doesn’t go all the way unto eternity. It simply points to a deeper, greater and complete union with OUR SOURCE and CREATOR.




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