Still on the Matter – Sexuality!!!

sex and sexuality

As a noun word:

1.  capacity for sexual feelings.

–  a person’s sexual orientation: preference, persuasion or leaning).

–  sexual activities: reproductive activity, procreation, sexual intercourse,   sex, intercourse, sexual relations

2.  the sexual habits and desires of a person

3.  the quality or state of being sexual:

–  the condition of having sex

–  sexual activity

–  expression of sexual receptivity or interest, especially when excessive.

Sexuality is about much more than just sexual intercourse. It includes:

– your body, including your sexual and reproductive anatomy and body image — how you feel about your body

– your biological sex — male or female

– your gender— being a girl, boy, woman or man

– your gender identity — feelings about and how you express your gender

– your sexual orientation — what sex you’re sexually attracted to

– your desires, thoughts, fantasies, and sexual preferences

– your values, attitudes, and ideals about life, love, and sexual relationships

– your sexual behaviors

Drawing from the Definition of Sex… and Sexuality, It Is deductible that sex and sexuality are commonly used interchangeably and under several contexts.

sex and sexuality1

  This discussion will take the same path. Share your opinion on Sex and Sexuality.




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